Virtual Hold Review

Founded in 1995 by Mark Williams, Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) is dedicated to providing contact centers worldwide with innovative queue management solutions that enhance the customer experience while improving operational efficiencies. VHT began with a single focus to get customers off hold, leading to the development of a new technology: virtual queuing, of which VHT remains the leader. For more than a decade, VHT has integrated its patented, award-winning Virtual Hold® software suite into highly complex technical environments in industries from utilities and telecom to healthcare and insurance – and everywhere in between.

What Virtual Hold does

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) is a contact center provider. VHT aims to increase operational efficiencies while enhancing the customer experience with their queue management solutions. VHT serves businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare, utilities, insurance, retail and more. VHT ensures that companies offer consistent and positive customer experiences.

Satisfied Customers

ComEd, Constellation Energy, Atmos Energy, Cardinal Health, Allstate Insurance, AmeriGroup Corporation, Texas Parks & Wildlife, SallieMae

Call Center Product(s)

  • Concierge
  • Rendexvous
  • Rapport
  • Platform Toolkit
  • WebConnect

Call Center Software Key Features

  • Customer Collaboration- Through education and empowerment, your employees set good expectations and work closely with your customers. You can be proactive with your customers and provide information before they even have to ask for it. Through innovative software and web, mobile and desktop applications, you can take good will and elevate it to the next level. Consistent, positive experiences affirm your customers’ decision to remain your customers. With customer collaboration from Virtual Hold Technology, you have the tools to do it.
  • Business Continuity and Integration- Removing risk from projects is IT’s job. This is where experienced vendors like Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) are a cut above the rest. With technology connectors to more than 20 different platforms, VHT has the knowledge and expertise to successfully integrate complex contact center systems. VHT’s vast account base is ready to verify our technical capabilities and give the assurances that are required.
  • Mobile Productivity-The power to check availability and submit requests for customer service resources from anywhere takes mobile productivity to the next level. Customers need to contact businesses in ways that are most convenient for them while leveraging communications technology capabilities that they expect.

Call Center Software Modules

Virtual Queuing
Management System
Customer Collaboration
Unified Communications

Call Center Technology

Virtual queuing is VHT’s award winning, patented technology. The virtual queuing platform can be extended to web, mobile and desktop communication channels.

Bottom Line

VHT is a progressive and modern company that offers a complete and innovative call center solution. Their solutions have numerous features that will help increase customer satisfaction and efficiency. VHT is customer-focused and continually refines their solutions to ensure that your business gets only the most up to date, state of the art technology.