Voxify Review

Backed by 10 years of experience, Voxify continues to be recognized as a top-ranked speech self-service solution provider for enterprise contact centers. They have invested in technology to free enterprises from the timelines, costs, performance challenges, and maintenance burden of traditional professional services engagements.

What Voxify does

Voxify provides integrated speech solutions that automate customer interactions and improve overall customer satisfaction. Voxify’s contact center solutions not only streamline customer facing activities but also increases the overall return on investment (ROI). Voxify serves businesses in a wide variety of industries, including retail, healthcare and hospitality. With the help of Voxify, contact centers can acquire more customers, handle increased call volumes and deliver more services.

Satisfied Customers

Wyndham International, Aer Lingus, DSW Shoes, Safeway, LeapFrog, Continental Airlines, Red Lion Hotels, ProFlowers, NFL Shop, Priceline

Call Center Product(s)

  • Expert Service Portal
  • Interactive Outbound Applications
  • Call Center Software Key Features

Call Center Software Features

  • Smart Call Scheduling- To achieve high response rates, outbound calls are scheduled to maximize the likelihood of reaching the customer, subject to regulations and personal preferences. If a customer cannot be reached on a call attempt, the application applies heuristics based on models of customer availability and business rules to reschedule the call, leave a message, or discontinue further attempts.
  • Intelligent Interaction Skills- Customers may find unexpected outbound calls to be intrusive. A Voxify outbound application clearly and quickly explains the purpose of the call to encourage the customer’s participation. The customer is always given the option to reschedule the call at a more convenient time. If required, the application also authenticates the customer to meet privacy requirements before disclosing detailed information on the purpose of the call.
  • Transaction Richness- A Voxify application displays the conversational skills and business know-how of a well-trained, live agent to guide the customer through all the steps of a successful transaction, such as explaining product details, taking credit card numbers, collecting shipping addresses, and presenting purchase details.
  • Inbound and Outbound Integration- If a customer cannot be reached live, the application leaves a message with a callback number for an inbound application that is fully integrated with the outbound application. The inbound application detects respondents and immediately infers their intent, thus bypassing lengthy menus and confirmation steps. Furthermore, the call flows of the inbound and outbound applications are shared so that changes (due to new regulations or business rules) will be consistently applied.

Call Center Software Modules

  • Intelligent Interaction Portal
  • Intelligent Interaction Center
  • Conversation Engine
  • Intelligent Enterprise Architecture

Call Center Technology

Voxify’s technology is based on Conversation Engine, Voxify’s own patented technology. The speech application includes VoiceXML . Their advanced technology ensures exceptional performance and continuous application evolution in the cloud or on premise. Industry leaders choose Voxify to deliver the engaging, personalized experience their customers demand and to separate their enterprise customer care capabilities from the pack.2.0, third party integration and integration with customer back office systems.

Bottom Line

Voxify’s innovative solutions are modern, so companies can maintain flexibility and grow or expand as they see fit. Costs will stay low and performance will increase with Voxify’s solutions. Voxify ensures a fast time to benefit rate, so your company will see change and improvements fast.