inContact recently announced that an expanding U.S. based outsourcer has selected their inContact solution to best serve its growing industry clientele.

inContact is a provider of on-demand call center software and call center agent optimization tools helping around the globe to create profitable customer experiences with a powerful portfolio of cloud-based contact center software solutions.

The U.S. outsourcing company originally was established to provide services for a single energy company and has experienced fast growth as the result of market conditions and deregulation.

Currently, they provide mission-critical service to more than 30 different energy or utility companies and maintain 200 agents to process calls for billing inquiries, service issues and reporting of potentially hazardous situations.

As growth occurred, they’ve been challenged by aging premise-based phone systems. Their need to quickly and easily support new business became quite apparent.

The company selected the inContact solution to provide key capabilities, such as easy customization of the customer experience and agent experience. The solution has built-in disaster recovery without additional hardware requirements of a premise-based one.

inContact CEO, Paul Jarman said, the inContact cloud-based solution gives outsourcers in any industry an extraordinarily competitive advantage. Jarman added that their powerful portfolio of scalable, flexible, pay-as-you-go cloud-based solutions enables outsourcers to better manage their talent, reduce non-billable hours and increase revenue per call to create profitable customer experiences.

Jarman says that inContact also helps outsourcers differentiate their offerings within the competitive call center outsourcer market by enabling them to collect critical business intelligence that can increase their customers’ dependence on their services. In addition, the company’s powerful, cloud-based solutions can automate, analyze and optimize virtually every key customer-focused process in call center outsourcing organizations.

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