Red River, a provider of IT solutions to help government and private entities optimize processes, announced the introduction of Red River Telework Kits. These kits allow employees to work remotely and effectively. The kits are customizable and contain everything necessary to support teleworking.

In addition to a phone, some of the things that can be included in a kit software based telephones, headsets, laptops, teleconferencing software, printers, monitors, cameras, speakers and other components to enable a functional remote office.

The Red River Telework Kit sales literature expresses the benefit of its offering as its ability to,  “…enhance productivity and extend the traditional corporate office to any remote location, so you can lower labor costs and provide the tools and support your remote workers need to succeed”

Eric Rife, the Director of Technology Services and Telework Practice espouses the benefits of his company’s product:

It’s no secret that home-based or remote workers can achieve extraordinary levels of productivity, but that productivity is dependent on ready access to the right applications, collaboration tools and support. Our RTKs enable productive teleworkers, while improving employee retention, reducing carbon emissions, accommodating persons with disabilities, and reducing the demand for office space and the associated facility operation costs.

How Remote Work Can Affect Customer Contact Centers

Applied to the call center segment, these telework solutions can help support traditional call center functions by enabling employees to work from home. Teleworking solutions can also result in increased savings and cost reductions. Customer contact centers can benefit from improved employee job satisfaction, lowering turnover rates, absenteeism, and possibly improving productivity. Businesses could also reap savings in infrastructure, utilities, ADA compliance, furniture, equipment, and office supplies.

Consider the following examples:

  • Cisco has saved an estimated $277 million in annual savings by allowing employees to telecommute and telework
  • IBM has saved more than $100 million annually in its North American sales and distribution unit
  • Sun Microsystems saves $70 million a year in real estate costs through its Open Work programs

With the advent of cloud based business software, the benefits of telework become increasingly easy for managers to take advantage of. The recent trend in technology towards decentralization seems to have increased the likelihood of remote work implementations.
Businesses looking for a unique solution to cutting costs and improving employee productivity may wish to consider a telework solution for their customer contact center.


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