SpeechCycle, a provider of customer interaction solutions, announced today that it was has partnered with Novauris Technologies, a provider of speech recognition technology, to offer fast speech recognition from large sets of data in SpeechCycle’s LevelOne Agents speech products.

Leveraging Robust Voice Tech

This partnership will allow SpeechCycle’s products to leverage Novauris NovaSearch core automatic speech recognition technology that enables spoken access to information from extremely large databases. The enhanced speech recognition capabilities will give fast name and address speech recognition capabilities to service providers on lists as large as populations of countries. In addition, names and addresses can be spoken in a single query with the system automatically parsing the data into relevant commands.

The chief benefit of this technology is caller identification. Pre-identification allows for more efficient call routing, case lookups, and preparation by agents for handling calls. Improving these factors should reduce call handling and hold times while boosting the customer experience. Though customers have been able to key in identification numbers for year, this spoken route could lead to a better experience. How many customers carry around their customer numbers with them? How many simply wait for an operator instead, equalling increased live agent costs for simple rout identification and call routing?


Speaking Well on the Partnership

Robert Pieraccini, SpeechCycle’s CTO commented on the partnership’s benefits:

“This partnership with Novauris demonstrates SpeechCycle’s continued focus on the advancement of speech technology to improve the customer service experience. By integrating Novauris’ NovaSearch® technology into our product offering all customer service inquiries requiring caller identification can be seamlessly automated, even in absence of other more traditional identification methods. Our goal is to create solutions that reduce call center costs while providing an optimal customer experience.”

John Bridle, CTO and Co-founder of Novauris, was also optimistic about the rewards of the partnership:

“We have long known SpeechCycle to be on the cutting edge of customer interaction solutions, but only since working with then have we fully appreciated their exceptionally high level of competence. This partnership provides an ideal opportunity for Novauris to bring some of its unique strengths to major service providers. We are proud to have helped make LevelOne Agents what we believe to be the most complete customer care solution available.”

Novauris is notable for having powered speech recognition for London and Tokyo smartphone applications. The company also recently demoed an experimental “flexible phrase translator” for real time language translations. If the company’s partnership with SpeechCycle led to (extremely speculative) something like mobile customer self service app powered by voice or real time foreign language translations for agents–it would revolutionize the industry. Of course, those kinds of applications are still a ways off.

What do you think about the partnership between SpeechCycle and Novauris? How will the enhanced speech recognition change contact centers? Share your thoughts below.

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