Think your call center performance doesn’t matter? Do you put customer service on the periphery of your priorities? 

According to Purdue University, 92% of customers form their opinion about company based on their call center. Bain Consulting found that 90% of business executives see customer service as integral to future success yet the same study found 70% of senior call center executives say that their companies fail to meet customer expectations.

Now listen to this: 68% of customers will switch brands based on a poor service experience (Gartner Group).

Innovate to Dominate

Do you have a great, high quality product/service portfolio yet you are losing customers to competitors? Are you puzzled as to why your customers continue switching from your brand? Does your customer pipeline move from lead to lost customer?

It might be time to review your organization’s customer service capabilities.

In business, the best innovate to dominate. They continually improve and go beyond the acceptable level of performance in order to delight customers. In turn, those customers become delighted advocates. Customer service is an integral part of the value your firm offers to a customer, and the call center is one of the most important points of contact in ensuring your customers have a great experience with your brand.

Customers that seek help from your call center are in a state of disequilibrium–their satisfaction with your product or service is called into question. This is a critical point in the customer’s perception of your business. At this point, you can either take leadership and guide a customer towards a solution that will delight them or you can frustrate them with your poor performance.

Just remember that trust and loyalty are built the most during the bad times, during the problem situations, because its at that point that you prove to a customer you are there to support them and satisfy their needs. Your customers are your most important asset, don’t destroy your assets by providing mediocre customer care. Recognize the value of a customer retained.

The Top Tenth

Ventana Research recently found that more than half of organizations’ contact centers are are the lowest level of maturity, according to their proprietary VR Maturity Index. Few contact centers are able to track interactions across channels, use knowledge management to support agents, or utilize analytics to improve the customer experience. Only 11% of call centers were at the highest level of Ventana Research Maturity Index.

The opportunity to outstrip your competitors is there. Will you be in the top tenth of your industry? Or will you languish in the unremarkable 90%? The choice is yours.

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