Offshoring is out, at least in the typical sense. For the savvy outsourced contact center manager, offshore call centers are synonymous with degrading service levels, hidden costs, and lost customers for clients. Yet, there may be a way to take advantage of the cost savings of offshoring while maintaining service quality levels. VectorBPO is proposing a program that changes how offshore call centers work.

In a report published by Contact Centers of America, First Call Resolution rates for offshore contact centers were found to be 26% lower than American based contact centers. Average handling times were extended 39-105% for offshore call centers.


There are several cultural and linguistic barriers that can make it difficult for offshore agents to understand American callers. Thus, calls get passed, information gets lost, things are repeated, and the call becomes about understanding what each person is trying to say instead of the actual issue.

In this situation you need agents who understand American culture and American speech. Your business needs maximum control to ensure optimum service.

Enter VectorBPO Profitshoring

VectorBPO’s new program is based on a flexible service model. ProfitShoring allows domestic outsourcer call centers to provide offshore service and pricing while maintaining control of the account. They can choose to refer the client to Vector BPO, co-manage the client account, or subcontract the work. Vector BPO offers a commission structure that allows partner companies to earn profits on clients brought into the ProfitShoring program.

The ProfitShoring program allows call centers to utilize Vector BPO’s offshore infrastructure to compete more effectively on price. Vector BPO’s offshore operation is located in Cebu, Phillipines. The Phillipines locations helps maintain high service levels due to the Americanized culture, native English skills, and American presence in the country. These factors facilitate greater understanding between agent and caller, leading to a a focus on issue resolution instead of lingual/cultural concerns.

Paul Flannery, CEO of Vector BPO remarked:

“I know first-hand the costs and risks of launching an offshore contact center… ProfitShoring™ instantly creates an offshore presence for all domestic outsourcers – giving them a chance to compete head-to-head against any provider, regardless of size or location. Without an effective offshore strategy, every domestic outsourcer is at risk of losing deals,”


What do you think about Vector BPO’s offshore call center ProfitShoring program?  Will this make offshoring more easily adoptable? Is service going to degrade? Can your call center benefit? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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