Vector BPO has recently announced the launch and public availability of the industry’s most lucrative partner and customer referral program.

Their new program is known as Cash4CallCenterReferrals program and is beneficial to anyone seeking profit by expanding the offshore call center industry.

Referral partners may earn up to $1000 per full time equivalent (FTE) with no prerequisites to become a partner and no investment, either.

Vector BPO is a managed call center and a customer experience outsourcer that specializes in providing proper application of human talent and call center technologies.

Some of their specialties include improving processes, service, and profitability which therefore aid clients to create and enhance customer loyalty.

Vector BPO service offers include such things as Telephony Services, Inbound Email support for increased efficiency, Inbound Fax support, and in-built Chat support with optimal flexibility that is easy to use.

Tom Milligan, executive vice president of sales and marketing with Vector BPO, says the Cash4CallCenterReferrals program is the only program he knows of that allows anyone to profit from the offshore call center industry.

Milligan is very pleased to create a money-making opportunity that, until recently, was only open to call center brokers and consultants.

Paul Flannery, CEO and founder of Vector BPO, added that no other referral program is this simple and pays this much with potential for referrals to earn up to $1000 per FTE.

The telephony services cater to the delivery of incoming calls which enable the routing of calls to the appropriate agent, regardless of their location. Incoming calls come through a network designed from the ground up to support a broad range of software applications.


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