9810 Ashton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Published on December 9, 2009 in Computer Software, Technology


9810 Ashton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114

ALAMEDA (December 09, 2009) – Voxify┬«, the company that develops, deploys, and manages integrated speech solutions to automate customer interactions, announced that it handled 100% more calls for its retail and e-commerce customers on Cyber Monday, December 1, 2008, compared to the daily average call volume for the year.

Online consumers are major drivers of call volume into retail and e-commerce contact centers.Many online shoppers use the phone for various follow-up activities, including: confirming order status, adding or canceling items, or checking point balances in loyalty programs. Voxify has deployed advanced speech self-service solutions to service the most common retail caller requests, allowing contact center agents to be used more efficiently. For example, the order status solution relieves live agents from the labor-intensive tasks of identifying the caller, asking for order search information, querying backend systems, and reading back order details including estimated delivery dates.

The Voxify self-service solutions handled increases in calls for order status, order capture, catalog requests, and store location information. Offered as a managed service, Voxify’s speech solutions deliver high completion rates (percentage of the desired tasks achieved by the customer), which is a key performance indicator for customer satisfaction. More important, Voxify maintained consistently high completion rates and service quality for its retail and e-commerce customers on Cyber Monday amid significant volume increases.

“In today’s market, the key to survival is keeping your customers,” noted John Gengarella, CEO, Voxify. “After significant investments to attract consumer spending, retailers can’t afford to drop the ball when it comes to fulfillment and post-sale communications. Our self-service solutions deliver the personalized interactions, consistent experience, and brand reinforcement that build customer loyalty.”

Voxify leverages patented technology to deliver innovative speech self-service solutions capable of automating customer interactions that traditionally could only be addressed by live agents.Voxify deploys inbound and proactive outbound speech applications as well as intelligent, personalized customer interaction solutions.

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