Enkata Launches First Call Resolution (FCR) Cloud Computing Service

Published on February 10, 2009 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Internet, Technology


New FCR Metric Plug-In Delivers Enkata’s Industry Standard Algorithm Directly into Call Centers’ Existing Agent Dashboards

USA (February 10, 2009) –

Enkata, a leading provider of analytics-powered performance management software, today launched its new First Call Resolution (FCR) Metric Plug-in, the first offering in a series of cloud computing services. The Enkata FCR Metric Plug-in provides call centers access to the company’s proven FCR algorithm–used by some of the world’s largest organizations with proven accuracy in more than 900 million customer service calls to date–and delivers it to existing call center scorecards and dashboards using a cloud-based subscription service. Enkata’s award-winning FCR metric was previously offered only with the Enkata Manage product which included its own dashboards and reports.

Enkata’s FCR Metric Plug-in is designed to provide an accurate and actionable FCR metric at the agent level for 100 percent of calls. According to a study by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), nearly half of contact centers are not measuring FCR, and only 20 percent are measuring it to the agent level. Yet, nearly 80 percent of contact centers consider FCR to be critical to their operations. By using the Enkata FCR Metric Plug-in to measure FCR at the agent level, companies will now be able to manage this important but heretofore difficult to calculate metric — while leveraging their existing dashboards and reporting.

“FCR is a unique and highly valuable key performance indicator because it measures the effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction level of a call center,” said Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting LLC. “It is the only single metric that provides a balanced view of a call center’s overall operating performance. Organizations that are able to accurately track and measure FCR have been able to use it to help them reduce operating expenses while improving the customer experience.”

Enkata FCR Metric Plug-in uses a cloud-based subscription service, which allows for faster implementation and results. Through a secure data transfer, call centers provide Enkata with call tracking data from a few key systems on a regularly-scheduled basis. Enkata’s system assesses whether calls are repeats or not using its best-in-class FCR algorithm, and delivers an agent-level FCR metric back to existing reports in a standard format. The FCR Metric Plug-in service also includes a login to an Enkata Analytics Dashboard, which highlights FCR trends, ranks agents versus peers, and enables drilling to call detail with Enkata’s Sequence Replay, which recreates repeat call sequences across the entire customer experience.

“FCR is widely known as the most important metric in the contact center, but too few companies accurately measure it at the agent level,” said Ronald Hildebrandt, founder and senior vice president of marketing at Enkata. “Organizations can easily implement Enkata’s new FCR Metric Plug-in to quickly measure individual agents’ FCR rates and take immediate action to reduce repeat calls and improve customer service–translating to significant cost savings for call centers within a short amount of time. Typical Enkata customers experience significant reductions in repeat calls in the first six months, saving millions of dollars.”

Enkata has received widespread industry praise for the company’s products and customer successes. Named a 2008 Silicon Valley Fast 50 by Deloitte, Enkata was also recognized as a leading company in DMG Consulting LLC’s “2008 Contact Center Performance Management Market Report.” In the past year, Gartner named Enkata a “Cool Vendor,” and Customer Interaction Solutions magazine granted the company a 2008 Product of the Year Award along with a 2008 CRM Excellence Award.

The FCR Metric Plug-in is immediately available. For more information, go to www.enkata.com/fcrmetricplugin.
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Enkata is the market and technology leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Performance Management for customer operations. Enkata’s analytics-powered applications combine best-practice metrics, personalized dashboards, decision analytics and integrated workflow to improve the effectiveness of organizations’ contact and claim centers every minute, every day. Fortune 500 companies choose Enkata to maximize the value of every customer interaction, deliver better service, control costs and generate revenue. For more information, go to www.enkata.com.

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