LiveOps Supports Work-at-Home Opportunities to Aid Job Growth in America

Published on August 5, 2011 in Data Management, Technology


SANTA CLARA, Calif. (August 05, 2011) – LiveOps, the leading provider of cloud-based contact center technology and talent, today issued the following statement in support of job growth in America:

“Yesterday FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced Jobs4America. This coalition, largely made up of contact center companies, is focused on hiring 100,000 new employees in the U.S. over the next two years as a result of advancements in broadband access. They believe that the majority of these jobs will be at-home workers. LiveOps strongly supports this initiative. Americans want to work. LiveOps provides 20,000 independent contractors the opportunity to work from home by simply logging into the LiveOps platform and performing specialized or basic contact center skills. We believe in the work-at-home model. We know it works. We applaud the efforts and commitments of Chairman Genachowski and the coalition in this effort to get America back to work,” said Marty Beard, President and CEO, LiveOps.

Similar to Jobs4America, LiveOps announced last month that Vision Perry, a non-profit collaborative workforce organization based in rural Tennessee, chose to utilize the LiveOps platform to provide virtual work-from-home opportunities via broadband access to help combat the area’s 20 percent unemployment rate. As independent contractors for LiveOps these Tennessee residents have the opportunity to provide sales and customer service type work to a broad array of companies.

Since 2000, LiveOps has leveraged the Internet along with the latest telephony technologies to transcend geographic constraints and provide access to work opportunities, making LiveOps the ideal technology provider for organizations like Vision Perry. Today more than 200 companies have access to the LiveOps community of more than 20,000 skilled professionals who are choosing to opt-in to the cloud-based LiveOps platform for flexible work opportunities. By tapping into the vast US-based pool of qualified, skilled and highly motivated freelancers and independent business owners LiveOps has created a better sales and service experience for customers, and in the process, transformed how sales and service work is done.

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