New RightNow Voice Solutions Reduce Call Center Costs, Improve Customer Experience, and Add Management Insight

Published on June 12, 2006 in Computer Software, Technology


Robust Contact Management and Caller ID Capabilities Give Contact Center Agents Knowledge at the Point of Action

Bozeman, Mont (June 12, 2006) – RightNow(R) Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today announced two new RightNow Voice(TM) applications that optimize the customer experience, reduce call center costs, and deliver enhanced management insight. These new applications, which provide contact management and caller ID, extend RightNow’s leadership position as the only enterprise software vendor providing voice channel management as part of an integrated multi-channel solution.

The new RightNow Voice applications empower contact center agents to deliver superior customer experiences by immediately identifying callers and providing agents with the information they need to solve problems and sell products more quickly and effectively. The immediate availability of this information on the agent’s desktop also reduces cost by minimizing call handling times.

By capturing information about calls and linking that information to the customer’s account, these applications also provide managers with superior insight into customer experience issues and market trends.

“With RightNow Voice, contact centers agents don’t have to ask customers as many questions–because the information they need is delivered automatically at the moment they need it,” Joseph G. Brown, RightNow’s vice president of voice solutions, said. “These new applications also enable decision-makers across the organization to better understand what customers are calling about, so they can continually respond to changing customer needs.”

The RightNow Voice contact management application uses automatic number identification (ANI), touch-tone interactive voice response (IVR) input, or human speech to identify known customers when they call. Once a caller is identified, the application can drive a variety of actions–such as a “screen pop” on a service representative’s desktop or retrieval of appropriate data from any back-end system.

The RightNow Voice caller ID application enables contact centers to identify callers based on ANI, even if the caller is not in the existing customer database. The application uses data services from Vienna, Va.-based TargusInfo, which can provide a variety of information about callers based on company requirements.

With the addition of these two new offerings, RightNow Voice now offers the most comprehensive on demand voice applications available today. These applications help companies quickly and easily implement voice and voice self-service as part of their total customer experience management strategy.

RightNow Voice integrates seamlessly with RightNow CRM(TM), as well as other third-party applications and telephony infrastructure solutions.

Source: RightNow

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