NEW* TechGavel Product Line Addresses the Legal Industry: EDARS, LDMS and LCAVE

Published on August 18, 2009 in Computer Software, Technology


9810 Ashton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114 (August 18, 2009) – Voicenet has released a new line of products designed to assist lawyers and law firms with document handling before and during trials, and a system specifically aimed at helping law firms and their clients comply with the FRCP’s requirement for email availability. Both products, and the automated timeline generator (LCAVE), are marketing under the Voicenet product line of TechGavel.

EDARS — Email Document Archival & Retrieval System, can store emails for years, providing full authentication (by header information) if required, as well as easy search and isolation of identified subgroups. This will help your clients be sure they are complying with FRCP rules, and also that they are saving all emails that might be part of an investigation at a later date. By saving emails in their native formats, not only are the contents preserved, but all of the details of the original email are kept to enable search capabilities and routing verification.

EDARS also performs de-duplication of multiply distributed identical attachments. This reduces storage volume and maintains pointers from the original email to the correct attachments. This volume reduction also speeds search results when querying the database for all related emails and their attachments. Offsite redundant backup storage is also included. A product description sheet for this product can be downloaded from (

LDMS — Legal Document Management System, is a powerful pre-trial document organizer, and an important search, organizer and presentation tool during the course of the trial and any subsequent appeals. With this system, the legal team has the backup and support of a virtual army of fast, effective electronic assistants. LDMS is a powerful document handling and search engine. LDMS handles all types of electronic documents, and extracts the searchable content. With this system, you can quickly extract the information relevant to a specific issue, and give the legal team time and information to address the arguments and facts they need for their client. LDMS can be used for pre-discovery document isolation, for pre-trial fact accumulation and document acquisition (digital transfer or scanned input), and during the trial as a searchable database in the courtroom! It will also help with presenting information in the courtroom and to prepare presentations for pleadings and briefs. A product description sheet for this product can be downloaded from (

The LDMS system integrates with the email archiving system (EDARS) so that emails can be searched using the same tool. This allows the legal team to organize all electronic documentation: scanned documents, word processed documents, emails, etc. to capture the most complete picture of instances where a topic is embedded in the documentation. Finding all references avoids surprises at the trial and enables the legal team to present arguments confidently and succinctly. Timelines can be graphically represented for visual presentation using this information, exported to LCAVE (below).

LCAVE — Timeline Software, provides a visual and highly impressive timeline to demonstrate to a judge and jury how related events occurred and in what sequence they happened. Not only does this enable a jury to comprehend the significance of sequence, it allows the legal team to eliminate conflicts in timing and whereabouts when specific events occurred. This system works hand-in-glove with LDMS or EDARS to provide a visual presentation of the event timeline based upon the documentation from the original emails and other electronic documents. By grouping occurrences and identifying frequency of references and integrating physical activity, the legal team can visually make the case for dismissing isolated events or identifying unsubstantiated allegations by the opposing team.

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