RightNow Technologies and Lithium Technologies Work Together to Enhance Customer Experiences

Published on September 11, 2006 in Computer Software, Technology


RightNow and Lithium Connect Online Forums With Call Centers and Web Self Service Sites

Copper Mountain, CO (September 11, 2006) – Lithium Technologies and RightNow┬« Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today announced they are working together to enhance customer experiences by connecting Lithium-powered forums with the RightNow Service(TM) solution to provide seamless and superior customer experiences. By bridging the gap between customer exchanges happening within online forums and interactions that occur through more traditional channels, such as a call center or Web self-service site, Lithium and RightNow are able to help organizations around the world deliver exceptional customer experiences. These experiences can be the single most powerful way for companies to set themselves apart from competitors.

By working together, RightNow and Lithium are able to connect Web self-service sites and forums, creating a unified customer care environment that features a single sign-on, enhanced search and advanced customer activity tracking capabilities. Through this integration, customer search queries will produce results from both the RightNow knowledge base and Lithium online forums making it easier for customers to find the information they need. Lithium will be demonstrating these integrated capabilities at the RightNow Summit, happening this week in Copper Mountain, Colo.

“Lithium and RightNow share the same goal; creating positive customer experiences,” said Nader Alizadeh, vice president of business operations for Lithium. “While we approach the goal from different angles, by working together, we can provide a simpler, more productive user experience. Now it is more convenient for customers to find the answers they need and provide agents with a more complete understanding of an individual customer’s interaction with that company.”

Customer support agents also benefit through an integrated agent console that provides a more complete view of a customers’ interactions with the company. From the console, agents have access to all of a customer’s forum activity, including login history, posting history, forum ranking and online status, forum metrics (views, minutes online, etc.), last browser used, and if a user has been banned from a forum. This insight helps agents provide personalized service, address issues quickly and exceed customer expectations.

The seamless integration of Lithium forums with RightNow Service also helps ensure that all customer questions are answered promptly. If a customer does not get the answers they need from fellow users within a forum, their question is automatically escalated as a new incident in the RightNow Support Console. Any incidents that require attention are routed to the appropriate queues and agents to ensure that customers receive an accurate and timely response.

“To succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy, companies must better manage the quality of their customers’ experiences,” said Scott Creighton, vice president of business development for RightNow. “By connecting Lithium forums to RightNow Service, we are giving our clients an opportunity to provide seamless and exceptional customer experiences. This will in turn help them outperform competitors who haven’t realized that customers are no longer willing to tolerate poor experiences. As a matter of fact, we have integrated Lithium forums into the RightNow customer environment to ensure that we give our clients the experiences they expect and deserve.”

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