RightNow Technologies Delivers RightNow November ’08 Plus New On Demand Enterprise Contact Center Package

Published on November 18, 2008 in Computer Software, Technology


RightNow On Demand Customer Relationship Management Solution Now Includes Agent Scripting, Desktop Add-in Framework and Guided Assistance

RightNow Technologies Delivers RightNow November ’08 Plus New On Demand Enterprise Contact Center Package (November 18, 2008) – RightNow Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today released its latest on demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution, RightNow November ’08, and a new Enterprise Contact Center Package.
RightNow November ’08 Enables the On Demand Enterprise Contact Center

In a typical contact center, agents tap into a myriad of applications, databases and systems to handle customer inquiries. With RightNow November ’08 contact center agents can have a single desktop, where relevant and contextual information unique to each customer interaction is pushed to the agent. Our objective is to give agents the right information, facilitate the right opportunities and ultimately deliver the very best possible experience.

RightNow November ’08 includes agent scripting, a desktop add-in framework and guided assistance.
NEW: Agent Scripting
The new agent scripting feature in RightNow November ’08 walks agents through a call script to ensure consistent handling of customer interactions. Agent scripting helps:

* Deliver a superior customer experience across a broad range of customer interactions
* Drive agent productivity through consistent business processes
* Reduce training time
* Drive revenue through effective up-sell or cross-sell

The highly flexible agent scripting feature includes:

* Complex branching logic
* Complete control over the format and layout
* The ability to capture and validate data right within scripts
* An intuitive graphical user interface that lets general business users create scripts

NEW: Desktop Add-in Framework

Desktop add-in framework allows customers and partners to easily add additional functionality to the agent desktop. The desktop add-in framework increases agent productivity by integrating and centralizing applications, tools, or web services into RightNow’s On Demand Agent Desktop, streamlining many agent processes, such as:

* Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
* Address validation
* Return merchandise authorization
* Order processing

NEW: Guided Assistance
Guided Assistance delivers quick trouble-shooting capabilities through a series of questions and answers which direct agents to appropriate knowledge answers. Guided assistance can be used in combination with RightNow’s broader agent scripting capabilities. Guided assistance helps:

* Improve first contact resolution by guiding the agent to the right answer – the first time
* Model the best practices of the best agents

Enterprise Contact Center Package

The Enterprise Contact Center Package includes the functionality required by large contact centers. Designed for a consumer-focused company that wants to maximize agent productivity and deliver a superior customer experience across customer touch points, the new package, delivered on demand, includes:

* RightNow’s on demand CRM solution – Service, Marketing, Sales, Feedback, Analytics and Connect functionality
* Tools a contact center agent needs, such as –
o Agent scripting
o Guided assistance
o Ability to chat online with a customer
o Rules-based contextual workspaces that change based on the customer interaction
o Customizable workspaces, to meet individual agent needs
* Capabilities to help the contact center provide great customer experiences , such as
o Customer feedback
o Reporting
o Add-in framework to easily integrate with other agent tools
o Ability to control your own application upgrade schedule, rather than being forced to upgrade on the vendors schedule
o Proactive customer communications

Comments on the Contact Center and November ’08

“With November ’08, RightNow has added two key pieces of technology to help streamline and enable more efficient, customer-centric interactions; agent scripting and a desktop add-in framework. Contact centers are inherently complex and over time have become mired. Technologies such as these are required to transform the contact center and equip contact center agents with instant access to the right information and support at precisely the right time.”
Mary Wardley, vice president, CRM Applications at IDC

“With RightNow, we can instantly give our agents and customers accurate, up-to-date information; this makes us extremely efficient and reliable.”
Alex Marxer, senior vice president of financial services for ResortCom, and COO for Health Travel Guides’

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