RightNow Unveils New Cloud Monitor and Enterprise Analytics with RightNow May ’09

Published on May 27, 2009 in Computer Software, Technology


Latest On Demand CRM Release Leverages Conversations in the Cloud and Internal Customer Data To Help Companies Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Bozeman, Mont (May 27, 2009) – RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) adds Cloud Monitor and Enterprise Analytics to the latest version of its on demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution, RightNow May ’09.

“Today, companies can’t force one-sided conversations with customers; enterprises must listen closely to what consumers are saying. RightNow’s new Cloud Monitor and Enterprise Analytics help organizations take the next step in delivering great experiences by listening to and understanding customers.”
Greg Gianforte, CEO, RightNow

Hear more about Cloud Monitor from Greg Gianforte here.

The RightNow Cloud Monitor tracks external conversations about products, services and brands, as they occur on the social Web. Available now, the Cloud Monitor tracks both Twitter and YouTube; support for other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn is planned for the future. RightNow Enterprise Analytics provides deep analysis on the internal data collected through direct customer interactions.

RightNow is the first SaaS (software as a service) CRM vendor to provide comprehensive business intelligence using both internal and external data.

RightNow Cloud Monitor Brings Customer Service to Social Networking

RightNow Cloud Monitor helps companies follow discussions on social networking sites. Based on what the Cloud Monitor reports, an organization can use RightNow Service to initiate next steps; follow up can range from updating information on the web site to the automatic creation of a service incident or proactive outreach.

The Cloud Monitor also uses RightNow’s unique SmartSense emotion detection to dynamically scan the text of tweets (and other content) and assess how consumers feel about a business. For example, a negative emotion score could be prioritized for immediate action.

“We see significant value in tracking what is being said about our company and our products out in the social arena. RightNow’s latest release will allows us to leverage our existing RightNow Service solution to track Twitter and easily respond to tweets by reaching out directly to our customer to help solve the problem. Keeping up with and exceeding consumer expectations is challenging, but at iRobot we are committed to delivering the very best customer experiences.”
Maryellen Abreu, director of global technical support, iRobot

“Including social networks changes the definition of CRM from the stale exchange of data to a live, vibrant network of connected individuals who share their abilities, expertise, and interests.”
The CRM 2.0 Imperative, Bill Band, Forrester Research, Inc., March 10, 2008

To see how the Cloud Monitor works, click here.

On Demand CRM with Enterprise-Class Analytics

RightNow Enterprise Analytics marks a milestone for CRM delivered on demand, making RightNow May ’09 one of the first SaaS CRM solutions to include enterprise-class data warehousing and analytic capabilities on demand. Organizations can now use RightNow Enterprise Analytics, to intelligently tap into their CRM and contact center data and gather business insight.

RightNow Enterprise Analytics:
o Taps data from external sources to deliver broader insights into the contact center
o Supports advanced trending, time-slice analysis, predictive analysis, and complex metrics
o Exceeds capabilities of many established business intelligence tools and is optimized as a cloud-based deployment
o Provides one consolidated analytics solution , including data warehouse, ETL, OLAP engine and reporting engine to simplify deployments, ease administration and reduce costs
o Delivers high performance reporting and analysis on large data volumes

Click here for a demo of RightNow Enterprise Analytics.

“It is not enough to simply track the discussion in the ‘cloud’ or collect customer data from interactions, the key is using this knowledge to proactively engage with consumers to ensure better experiences. Internal customer data and external conversations are a huge opportunity for an organization to close expectation gaps or to have a proactive engagement with their customer. As the first on demand vendor to include both Twitter and YouTube as customer service channels, we are giving our clients a unique opportunity to glean insight from rapidly evolving social networking sites.”
David Vap, vice president, products, RightNow

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