Spatial Selects RightNow CRM to Improve and Unify Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

Published on February 22, 2006 in Computer Software, Technology


3D Software Developer Chooses Full-Suite On Demand Leader Based on Functionality, Value and Support

Bozeman, Mont (February 22, 2006) – RightNow┬« Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) today announced that 3D software developer Spatial has selected RightNow CRM’ to improve and unify its marketing, sales, and customer service operations. By implementing RightNow, Spatial will streamline and improve processes in each of these customer-facing departments-while also gaining the business advantages of sharing a common CRM environment and database across all three.

Spatial chose RightNow after an extensive evaluation of offerings from competing vendors. Key factors in Spatial’s selection of RightNow included its complete CRM functionality, its attractive licensing structure, and the proven quality of its support services-which Spatial experienced over the last five years with RightNow Service’.

Spatial’s move to an enterprise CRM solution was in part motivated by its need to further extend its sales forecasting capabilities. Spatial is extensively customizing RightNow to accommodate its model for realizing revenue. Spatial is also planning to use RightNow’s sophisticated campaign design and execution capabilities to generate greater cross-sell and up-sell revenue from its installed base.

In addition, Spatial will reap substantial benefits by using RightNow across marketing, sales, and customer service. For example, salespeople will now be able to easily see if an account they are about to call upon currently has any outstanding technical support issues. This will enable them to avoid being blindsided by a problem without having to call someone in the company’s contact center. Similarly, Spatial’s marketing team will be able to take advantage of the valuable customer data captured by the contact center to better target specific sales campaigns and/or loyalty programs.

“RightNow CRM brings a wealth of new capabilities, efficiencies and synergies to Spatial’s customer-facing business processes,” Marsha Lajoie, Spatial’s worldwide sales and services operations coordinator, said. “And, based on our prior experience, we know they will be a responsive and highly engaged partner in our ongoing CRM efforts.”

Spatial is implementing RightNow on a global basis in multiple languages. As an on demand solution, RightNow is enabling Spatial to roll out this global deployment without the capital and ownership costs associated with distributed IT infrastructure.

“Companies like Spatial need true, enterprise-class CRM capabilities to address their pressing marketing, sales, and customer service challenges,” Peter Dunning, RightNow’s president of field operations, said. “RightNow is uniquely able to deliver software-as-a-service solutions that provide these capabilities-enabling our customers to achieve CRM excellence while avoiding the technology headaches that have historically limited the ROI for enterprise CRM software implementations.”

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