TouchStar Donates Call Center Software to President of Guatemala

Published on March 30, 2011 in Computer Software, Technology


President of Guatemala Obtains the Donation of a TouchStar Call Center Software System Guatemala’s President Strives to Increase International Commerce with a Call Center Software System

Denver, CO (March 30, 2011) – TouchStar today announces a relationship with the country of Guatemala. Guatemalan President Óscar José Rafael Berger Perdomo obtained TouchStar’s commitment to donate a call center software solution to the country of Guatemala in support of The President’s goals of assisting Guatemalan citizens, increasing international commerce, and expanding call center businesses.

The TouchStar system is worth in excess of $60,000 US dollars. It will be utilized by AGEXPORT as part of an agreement through the Guatemalan Exporter Association. Agents at the Assistance Center for International Commerce will now have a tool to quickly and accurately provide information. The Assistance Center will offer Trade Agreement information, tariff benefits and customs requirements, origin certificates, customs and exports procedures, general market information, and product information.

TouchStar recently attended a conference in Guatemala and had the opportunity to meet The President and learn about his vision for his country. Steve Bederman, CEO of TouchStar, agreed to donate a TouchStar Call Center system during a follow-up phone conversation with President Berger for use in a government agency.

Steve Bederman commented, “We are very supportive of The President’s progressive thinking to help his country and we are happy to provide a solution that can help The President increase economic opportunity for the people of Guatemala.”

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