Veritape, a provider of call recording solutions, recently announced a partnership with ExoIS, an information security and compliance firm, to make its CallGuard call center security technology a core piece of the ExoIS PeepSafe portal.

Maintaining call center security is challenging for managers because of high staff turnover rates and multivector threats coming from different sources. Employees with inside access deal with sensitive data such as credit card information or personal details. What happens when they leave the company? How much will they care about security if they are only going to work for a short time period? Do you really want to tempt employees by displaying credit card numbers across their screen? Stopping data theft and securing the desktop environment can be very challenging.

Veritape’s partnership with ExoIS aims to mitigate these threats.

Boosting Call Center Security

Veritape’s Callguard interfaces with any call recording system to make recorded calls PCI-DSS compliant. ExoIS’s Peepsafe is a secured portal for encrypted email, fax, voice messages, and the online storage/processing of credit card data. The combined Veritape/ExoIS call center security system works by removing, or “descoping”, of card data from call center agent computers. The card data cleaning spans all emails, faxes, online storage, and voice data for maximum security. By removing this data, companies can reduce their PCI footprint and prevent card data from reentering the contact center environment.

Ruth Xovox, ExoIS’ Chief Compliance Strategist at ExoIS, commented “CallGuard’s addition to our PeepSafe portal means it adds considerable value to the contact centre industry. We are delighted to be working with Veritape and value their considerable expertise and experience.”

Cameron ROss, Managing Director at Veritape, emphasized the impact the partnership will have on call center security:

“As we’ve seen from recent high-profile breaches, it is so important that contact centers improve data security and eliminate sensitive cardholder data from their environment. PeepSafe coupled with CallGuard is the simplest and quickest way for companies to comply with PCI DSS guidelines on call recording and to de-scope… We are proud to be helping to eliminate fraud and adding value to our customers by partnering with ExoIS.”

Veritape specializes in developing PCI DSS compliant call recording software solutions for clients such as Jaguar, CPM, Exodus Travel, Intasure, Photobox, and Mobile Mini. They are the only call recording company that is accredited as a PCI DSS Participating Organization.

ExoIS is specializes in providing information security and compliance services. They are a PCI Qualified Security Assessor Company that helps clients fulfill information security requirements. ExoIS also provides services such as cloud hosting, datacenter outsourcing, SaaS compliance solutions, and storage.
Will this new solution lead to greater security? Can you benefit from greater PCI compliance? How do you manage your call center security? Let me know in the comments below.

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