West Interactive, a provider of contact center solutions, announced this morning that they have partnered with Syclo, a provider of enterprise software for mobile devices, to build and manage self-service applications for mobile devices. The company will offer mobile applications that leverage Syclo’s Agentry 6.0 mobile framework to conduct transactions such as appointment scheduling, payment, and more through mobile devices

Syclo’s Agentry 6.0 allows application developers to rapidly build, customize, and configure applications over multiple platforms with integrations into enterprise back-ends.

Pam Mortenson, West Interactive’s President, commented on the opportunity for mobile applications to support effective enterprise interactions:

“Rapid growth of smartphones and consumer mobility – and changing communication preferences – are challenging enterprises to extend mobile solutions to customers without creating silos among their mobile, social, contact center and other channels. Our integrated mobile solutions make it possible for companies to have seamless customer interactions across voice and non-voice channels. This partnership extends our ability to develop device and mobile web applications and complements our existing mobile messaging solutions.”

Richard Padula, the CEO of Syclo, also commented on the partnership’s benefits for mobile contact centers:

“The integration of Syclo’s Agentry platform with West Interactive’s platform allows West to deliver rich, consumer facing mobile applications that are tightly integrated into a client’s contact center technologies. As consumers rapidly adopt smartphone technology, mobile devices will become the primary method of interacting with customers.”

With nearly 1 in 3 Americans owning a smartphone, the market for mobile is huge. Mobile looks to be the next biggest market as phones continue to increase their capabilities, service providers boost capacity and speed, and mobile software developers continue to innovate. A customer self-service option on a mobile platform would be a natural choice for companies to increase their engagement with customers while making effective multi-channel contact a reality. Customers can using rich media and intuitive “native app” interfaces to perform enterprise interactions and service requests will likely be more satisfied due to increased functionality, greater speed, and the ability to perform actions wherever they are.

Of greater notability is West Interactive’s use of the Agentry platform. The development framework allows app builders to create applications with multiple mobile device support. These include the tablets, Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and regular computers. Consumers use a multitude of devices so cross-platform support is a smart move for West Interactive.

What do you think about West Interactive’s new mobile self service application solutions? Could they help usher an increasing number of “mobilecare” applications on smartphones and other mobile devices? Could it change how customer interact with companies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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