Do you schedule your workers through a spreadsheet? Is the full extent of your workforce management software an Excel file?

You may be losing a huge amount of money through an under-optimized call center workforce.

Today’s cloud computing wave of services has also touched the workforce management sphere. This allows even small businesses to take advantage of advanced analytics to optimize their scheduling, forecasting, and employees. The pay as you go service model allows companies to utilize a workforce management solution without

The Changing Call Center

The call center industry is undergoing numerous changes. Remote working, virtual call centers, complex technologies, outsourced services–they are all adding to the complexity of modern call center management. In addition, many call centers have no effective way to schedule or plan for activities like breaks, meetings, or impromptu discussions. These all contribute to wasted productivity and increased costs. Workforce management software can help call centers run more efficiently and help managers spend less time wasted on busywork tasks like scheduling.

A Case for Workforce Management

Traditional workforce management solutions required complicated, expensive, and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades. Luckily, software-as-a-service has given small and medium size businesses a powerful full service alternative. No longer do managers need to purchase an on-premise solution or use manual methods. Hosted workforce management solutions can maximize productivity at minimal cost.

Staffing costs are the largest part of the call center budget. According to Monet Software, a web based workforce management software provider, they constitute 60-80% of the typical call center’s budget. Thus even a small increase in call center efficiency will yield large savings. A cloud based solution can also be cheaper than an on premise solution when factoring in yearly maintenance and operating costs. Software and hardware upgrades also add to the cost of an on premise solution.

Some of the key benefits of a hosted workforce management solution include:

  • Better forecasting – You can more precisely predict how many calls you will get and the number of agents you will need. This can save your call center money by preventing overspending on staff and increase service by ensuring you have enough agents.
  • Better scheduling – Schedule your agents more effectively to utilize their skills and keep morale high. A workforce management solution will help your call center meet service level goals consistently with the right mix of agents scheduled at the right time.
  • Better adherence – A good workforce management solution will help you keep track of your agents’ performance in real time. This will help you see planned vs actual activity, letting you take corrective action immediately.

Your agents are the heart of your call center. A workforce management solution ensures that they are able to work optimally and effectively. Best of all, you’ll save money doing it.

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